Dive Industry Sector Groups

Through the constitution of the Dive Training Council, the office of President and several industry sector groups were established.

The DTC  President is Dan Forsman who can be contacted by anyone looking to connect with the Dive Training Council.

Each sector group has an appointed representative who is responsible as a first point of contact for any individual or business looking to engage with the Dive Training Council activities and to represent the sector in Advisory and/or Working Groups established by the DTC.

The Dive Training Council may at any time appoint Advisory and Working Groups made up of Sector Group Representatives and/ or others within the groups to liaise with other stakeholders or form working groups to complete specific projects.

An example is the DTC – Standard Setting Body Advisory Group.

If you are looking to get involved with dive industry training or you would like to have an input into one of the sector groups you can contact the DTC via thePresident or contact the Sector Group Representative using our Contact Form on the Contact Us page.

Dive Training Council Sector Groups

  • Accredited Dive Education Providers Sector (ADEP)
  • Aquaculture Sector
  • Construction Sector
  • Construction Training Sector
  • Media Sector
  • Military & Services Sector
  • Recreation, NZRUTC & Certification Agencies Sector
  • Retail, Wholesale, Tourism, Travel, Charters and Tours Sector
  • Science Sector

Other Dive Industry Stakeholder Organisations

The DTC is also connected with other stakeholder organisations who are invited to DTC meetings and provide input, or resources into any consultation and project work as required.

These organisation have a vested interest in diver training in NZ and/or have a role to within the National Qualifications Framework, legal or compliance sectors that involve diver training in NZ.

To date, these organisations are:

  • Skills Active ITO (The Dive NQF Standard Setting Body & Industry Training Organization)
  • Seafood ITO ( Aquaculture Diving & Seafood Industry)
  • Retail Institute (Formerly Retail ITO)
  • ATTTO (Aviation, Travel and Tourism ITO)
  • Department of Labour (Dive & Medical)
  • Maritime NZ
  • New Zealand Underwater

If you believe that your organisation has a vested interest in diver training in NZ please use our Contact Form to get in touch.