Welcome to the new website for the Dive Training Council of New Zealand.

We are developing a new website which will be up shortly.

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In the meantime if you have come across the site here is a bit of history about the Dive Training Council.

The Council was established as an incorporated society on 2 December 1996 (No 836489) to be the Diving ITO (DITO) under the Industry Training Act 1992.

As such it was required to represent the NZ diving sector which resulted in the range of formally identified and recognised sectors with the dive industry.

These sectors nominated representatives to the society which continues to be the case.

It was the ITO from 1998 to 2004 operating a robust accreditation and moderation system for the NZQA sub-field of diving comprising five domains of unit standards: Recreational, Instruction, Occupational, Scientific and General.

In 2005 DITO went the way of many other tiny ITO’s unable to sustain future increasing requirements sought by government and DITO relinquished the ITO role to what is now Skills Active ITO  (SAITO).

DITO formally changed its name to Dive Training Council (DTC) on the 14 February 2005.